About Kundalini Yoga!

Kundalini Yoga is the original and most powerful system of yoga. Anyone can practice Kundalini Yoga if it is done according to instructions and within the tradition in which it was originally taught. The word “KUNDALINI” means awareness. In yogic tradition, Kundalini is the latent spiritual energy within every person, which can be awakened by the practice of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga strengthens your entire nervous and glandular system. It prepares the mind for optimal clarity, enlivens your sense of awareness, and gives you greater energy to express your creativity. A Kundalini Yoga class can clear the mind, set the immune system, and orient your consciousness to create balance, happiness and health in your life.

Join Us in Maui!

The Setting

We’ll be spending six nights at the beautiful Wailea Inn. With beautiful sunset views and sound baths, you’ll be able to personally explore your deep connection with nature from a luxury setting.

The Retreat

Tucked away on a residential side street oceanside, we’re steps away from unlimited activities, like snorkeling, beach hopping and outrigger canoeing! Two vegan/vegetarian meals will be served each full day.

The Yoga

With 30 years’ combined experience, Xenia and Kirtan will lead you daily through engaging lectures, light yoga, abundant meditations, sound baths and more.

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