Go with the Cosmic Flow

Yoga and Meditation are powerful tools of transformation. The benefits are available to everyone who breathes, lives, and works in the modern world. Anyone can practice Yoga and Meditation. It is a practice of consciousness in which we get closer and closer to knowing ourselves and our relationship with all that exists. In yogic tradition, the Kundalini is the latent spiritual power within every person, which can be awakened through these practices.

Yoga exercises the physical body and strengthens and balances the nervous and endocrine systems. It prepares the mind for optimal clarity, enlivens a sense of connection, and allows access to express the creativity within, even when it isn’t apparent. A single Yoga class can offer healing, set the immune system, and orient your consciousness to create balance, happiness and health in life.

Meditation is like a shower for the mind, clearing out what no longer serves each individual so the True Self can emerge. It can release haunting thoughts, alleviate stress, encourage relaxation, and clear the way for more positive choices. It is a path towards connecting with the Cosmic Flow so that we can embrace this life more fully.   


Xenia Beach - Shuniya

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